About Us at Ninemeister
About Us at Ninemeister

About Us. Ninemeister is born from a passion for Porsche. Go back further, and like so many, the interest in cars was passed down from a parent – in this case the father of Ninemeister’s Managing Director Colin Belton.

Colin is a design engineer by training. “I was obsessed with learning about mechanisms from an early age – by taking things apart and putting them back together. I look at what’s possible – always investigating, looking for better design and better process.”

And the love of Porsche? “The 911 was always the definitive fast car – irresistible from an ownership and from an engineering perspective.”

Colin began working on 911 Turbos and SCs three decades ago, building up a strong reputation for engineering excellence. But underneath it all there was still a nagging doubt that not everything was perfect.

“I struggled watching a car drive out the door – every single one I was nervous about. I kept thinking ‘is it as perfect as it can be?’ and ‘will it come back to us?’ Then I realised it was because we were relying on too many third parties. I could see where everyone else was cutting corners – and I just couldn’t do that.”

The only solution was to take everything in house – which is how Ninemeister was born. Belton invested in a four-wheel alignment system, then a dyno. But it still wasn’t enough. “I realised that we had to build everything – the engines, the looms – everything.”

But still, there was more. Belton then bought the entire building – and took all body and paint in house.”


The circle was complete. That was 21 years ago.

“Today when I watch a car drive out the door I have no doubts, no reservations whatsoever – even if it’s being shipped to the other side of the world – because hand on heart I know that what we’ve done – nobody can do it better. It comes down to taking full responsibility and accepting no compromise.”

Ninemeister are honest, capable and friendly, and they are particularly good with engines. Their service has remained excellent over the many years they have looked after my cars.

Michael Williams
Porsche 997 Turbo

I first contacted Ninemeister after the brakes on my 987.2 Cayman S overheated – to the point where the brake wear sensors melted after a couple of laps at Oulton Park.

Speaking to Peter, he was very helpful and took the time to talk through a number of options with me. I decided on upgrading the disks, hoses and master cylinder. The work completely transformed the brakes. Since then Ninemeister have installed a roll bar, race seats, six point harnesses, an LSD, fitted new headers and remapped the engine. They also look after regular maintenance such as servicing and pre-session check-up. I am pleased to say that since using them the car has not put a foot wrong on the road or track. I am really pleased with the results and their suggested improvements.

I have always found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

Ben Smith
Porsche Cayman S

When the time comes for some ‘TLC’ for my aircooled 993 C4S, the only name on my mind is ‘Ninemeister’. Colin Belton, Peter Robinson and the excellent team of technicians at ninemeister have never failed to exceed expectations.

I purchased my car in 2010 and looked for an independent specialist and chose Ninemeister. Over the years the team have looked after my car and learned just how fastidious I am about not skimping on work when it comes to keeping the car in tip-top condition. Hence for me and my 993, Ninemeister are the preferred choice for excellence in service and customer satisafaction.

Stuart Fitzgerald
Porsche 993 Carrera 4S

My 9m11ST is very special. Being able to get my kids in the backseat with A/C and bluetooth audio for mountain trips was a huge selling point for me. My boys love going for rides with dad and I do too. Adjustable suspension doesn’t have my wife whining about jumping in the car either! I’m biased but I think this is the nicest backdate I’ve seen and I’m beyond happy to purchase it for the price that I did.

Tony Mission
Porsche 9m11ST