Welcome to 9m Restorations and Repairs, The Process

The Process. The journey is about future-proofing. At every stage, from engine rebuilds to drivetrain, suspension and bodywork restorations, we consider how we can optimise your car and keep it performing at its best for years to come.

It’s important that we understand how you are going to enjoy your car too, because we don’t ignore aspects like future maintenance or service schedules. So as you can see, the process of a restoration or rebuild isn’t limited to the physical or mechanical aspects – we go above and beyond.

Which pretty much sums us up…

Engine Department
9m Engine Department Disassemble

Preparation. No compromises. No corner-cutting. We put all our experience, knowledge and expertise into preparation so you can be confident of longevity in all aspects of your restoration or rebuild.

Stripdown. Our philosophy when taking something apart is the same as when we’re putting something together, and that is with utmost scrutiny, cleanliness and attention to detail.

We pour all of our experience into the stripdown, because it is our belief that by analysing and  thoroughly inspecting every part you are tackling problems before they occur later down the line. Plus, we consider the mechanical ‘chain’ too – the balance (or imbalance) or wear between parts and how that impacts upon their interrelation with each other. And of course, if we discover anything that will affect your restoration or repair, we will bring it to your attention and offer recommendations to solve it.

Metal. Time consuming, but worth it. Ninemeister’s bodywork experts cut, stretch, coin and panel beat until all shut lines are perfect. And we mean perfect.

Paint. With in house facilities to match, if not exceed, the best in the business, we cover all aspects of paintwork – from full bare metal resprays to localised repairs.

Like all our processes, we combine the best of new technology with techniques that have been honed from years of experience with the marque. After all, we’re not just painting any car – we’re painting your Porsche.

All of our cars are painted on-site in our booth and oven – under controlled environment conditions and with the utmost attention to detail.

Parts. Not individual components – they have to work as a team. The way to get the best out of any restoration or repair is to consider every component and seek a synergy between them that will result in a team that plays beautifully together.

Power. Calling on decades of experience building some of the best engines in the business for all applications, we build engines to last. Whether you want an engine that’s as close to factory standard as possible, or one that can be used for fast road, rally or full race, we will build your motor to meet your requirements.

And we’re not here to throw parts at your engine because of a perceived gain, or because we ‘think’ it might make a difference. That’s not how we work. Some components are not always necessary, so while we’ll recommend items that you need – we will also ensure you avoid those you don’t.

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Build. There are skills involved in the build process that cannot be gained solely from reading a technical manual. After decades restoring and repairing Porsches, we apply not only a ruthless technical discipline to the process – but also draw on a comprehensive databank of restorations and repairs carried out by our experts over the years.

Patience is the watchword here. We never rush, and we know instinctively which parts require care during reassembly and those that require method or even a little (controlled) heft. At this stage, you will be getting excited about seeing your car, so the last thing you want is anything   that will increase costs or delay the completion date.

That won’t happen with us.

Trim. Often overlooked; not by us. We take pride in our process of restoring or repairing trim to authentic or original patterns, or completing bespoke commissions.