9m11GT2 by Ninemeister

9m11GT2. In many ways this car is a symbol of both our total dedication to quality and our belief that the most challenging engineering projects are also the most satisfying.

The 993 GT2 has a reputation – a gnarly one – a widow maker. Our ambition for the 9m11GT2 is that it retains an edge that experienced drivers can exploit, but with a wider operating window generated by the use of modern technology.

What you see here is the 9m11GT2 naked – something we’re not afraid to show – revealing full sunroof delete panel, airbag delete, wide body conversion, seam welding and RS/GT2 reinforcements. In metal alone that’s 330 hours right there. Following E-Coat, further preparation, sealing, etch prime, flatting, fillet/blending and multiple primer layers with flatting – that’s another 450 hours – with an additional 180 for paint and polish.

At Ninemeister bodywork is always a marathon, never a sprint.

9m11GT2 by Ninemeister
9m11GT2 Bodywork

It goes something like this: Load the bodyshell onto the factory Celette jig, dimension check and hang the doors. Offer up sills, set horizontal to doors and jig, then align the rear quarter panels. Repeat with wings, bonnet, scuttle and engine lid… then realise you’re not even close. 

Now it’s time to re-work the metal and do whatever necessary to achieve perfect panel gaps.


9m11GT2 next stages

The hardest decision when commissioning your own 9m11? Often it’s choosing the colour. Now imagine three people, each equal share owners, deliberating over the colour…

That’s the case with this particular 9m11GT2, but there’s a happy resolution to this joint venture between friends – the final decision is solid blue, but which one? We’ll let you guess the final selection from the photo.

The other key decisions? Full Lightweight interior perhaps? 9mRS carbon seats? Air conditioning, manual windows, stereo delete, and Speedline wheels?

In relation to this particular car, yes to all of the above.

9m11GT2 by Ninemeister
9m11GT2 Engine

Fully rebuilt to the most exacting standards using only the best parts – and benefitting from nearly 40 years working with flat-six turbocharged engines – the 3.6-litre twin turbo 9m11GT2 features high efficiency turbos and intercooler, Inconel exhaust system and Motronic remap. Our expectation is around 475bhp and 600Nm torque.

9m11GT2 by Ninemeister

Ignore chassis stiffness at your peril, especially on a car with such a high performance potential such as the 9m11GT2. At each corner will be Michelin Cup 2 tyres shod with – what else? – 9inch and 12inch Speedlines covering the big red 4-channel ABS brake system. Grip like this needs control, so at 9m we strategically reinforce and stiffen the bodyshell to provide the optimal platform for our custom semi-active damping package with switchable, user adjustable ride modes for wet, comfort, sport or track.

9m11GT2 by Ninemeister