9m Engines

Specialist Services. We’ve spent decades analysing Porsches at every stage of their lives. No car remains the same as the years pass, and we have a deep understanding of the variations that occur over time. That’s why our approach to Specialist Services involves establishing exactly how your car is performing in relation to its age, specification and usage and then optimise that level.

You may find your own relationship with your car changes too, or that your driving habits evolve. In which case we’ll seek to explore those elements and tailor your vehicle to you.

Four Wheel Aignment. We use the industry standard, high precision Hunter DSP600 alignment equipment on a dedicated flat-bed four-post rig. The fully optical system uses laser targets which secure over the tyre to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and the risk of wheel damage.

Balancing. Smooth running, vibration free tyres complement a great car. Our Hunter RoadForce® balancer is another industry standard, using SmartWeight® Technology to minimise balance weights and hide behind spokes with the RoadForce® system to ensure the new tyres are also round and true. Perfect.

9M Specialist Services

Tyres. Surprisingly overlooked, tyres are not something to compromise on your Porsche, so just because a tyre has tread does not mean that it also has grip…

Tyre technology has evolved dramatically over recent years so our experienced team technicians will be happy to consult on which tyres best suit your car and your driving style – then supply and fit to exacting Ninemeister standards. 

Track set-up. Whether it’s an occasional track evening at your local circuit or frequent visits to a famous racetrack overseas, your enjoyment will be directly proportional to the amount of laps you complete (at any speed).

Without preparation, a track experience can become a very short and very expensive adventure, so at Ninemeister our track experienced team is here to assess your circuit driving needs. From an extensive wheels-off inspection to full tack preparation and optimisation (with authorisation) we’re here to ensure you get maximum value on track with your Porsche.

9M Specialist Services

Detailing.  Whether you’re looking to restore your paintwork to better-than-original condition, or protect your Porsche for years to come, we offer a professional and conscientious service for the outside, inside and underside.