9m Restoration & Repair Upgrades
Upgrades. It starts with you, and a conversation or consultation that we hope you will find enjoyable. We will discuss your plans, make recommendations and propose solutions only if we think we can augment or improve on your brief. We pride ourselves on understanding the wider repercussions of an upgrade – such as which oils, lubricants to use, or how maintenance intervals will be affected – and then, and only then, will we advise on the appropriate steps to take.

We don’t assume anything. You may ask for an upgrade or part that you believe will give you desired improvement, but our recommendation to use that upgrade will only follow if it meets our exacting standards – and delivers on its promise.

Finally, we don’t believe that upgrades should only be applied to provide solely performance gains. We are here to offer advice on any matters, from power steering, to soundproofing, luxury materials, seats, climate control, hifi and more.

9mEngines. Our internationally-renowned, upgraded and re-engineered 9mEngines are available to build to your spec.

9mEngines. You can see how we approach our bespoke 9mEngine builds on the relevant page within this website. Should you be embarking on a Restoration or Repair, it is worth looking at what engine option is best for you – we believe our 9mEngines are the best you can have in your Porsche, so feel free to ask us about what we can do for you and your car before we start the work on your engine. Remember, our 9mEngines are available to all Porsche owners, not just for 9mCar builds.

9m11S. Based on a 964 or G-Series 911, the 9m11S is upgraded to perfection with a 300hp 3.6 engine married to beautiful coachwork, optimised suspension, and a sumptuous Italian leather interior.

9mCars. Our in-house division tasked with creating just a handful of beautifully optimised 911s every year. Our customers often have in their minds-eye a picture of their perfect Porsche – a picture that we help them paint with a thorough analysis of their requirements matched to a sweet-shop of trusted upgrades that we can recommend.

Our customers will have been dreaming about this 911 – perhaps it relates to a car they once owned, or perhaps the commission is the fulfillment of a promise to own an air-cooled 911 tailored to their requirements. If this customer sounds like you, let’s talk.

In short, there will never be another 911 like the 9m11 we can build for you.