Welcome to Ninemeister
The Process. Ninemeister’s goal is to guide you through the process of building your own ‘brand new’ air-cooled Porsche 911, albeit one that’s evolved and amplified to your exact specification. We aim to make this process as rewarding as driving the car itself – from the first consultation to the final layer of wax. Indeed for many there’s a period of mourning when the car is complete – swiftly eradicated by those first, sensational drives in your completed 9m11.

We consciously avoid overbooking so that we can pour our 25-years of experience into every second of your commission, and so that you can enjoy every detail.

All work is carried out in-house by our team of skilled craftspeople in a facility created for one purpose – to birth your dream 911.

Transmission. A key touchpoint with the car, and one which can make or break the overall driving experience. We build each transmission to make every single shift a tactile delight.

9mEngines. Whether it’s a stock 3.6-litre or a brand new 9m 4.0 litre Roadmeister, we treat all engines equal. Methodical, meticulous, detailed, precise are our watchwords – and guarantees.

You may have already established your dream colour and trim combination, or you may change your mind on a daily basis. Of the former, we will take your dream spec and build it better than you could imagine; of the latter we’ll collaborate and help you decide. Either is fine – we enjoy the process as much as you.

We can also discuss modern engineering solutions – not just in terms of what they are (active suspension, big brakes, 4 channel ABS, EPS, electric A/C, satnav and ICE) but also in relation to what they do and how they feel. We will only recommend engine, transmission, chassis, trim and paint options that are sympathetic to your vision.

Badge of honour. Not just a badge – a guarantee of perfection and a symbol that the completed car has earnt its status as your dream 911. The last part of the build; a sign-off in gold.

Owners Manual. Detailing the creation and specification of your car, this hardback document is as unique and beautiful as the vehicle itself – and a lifetime companion.

911mRS by Ninemeister