9mCars. A 911 like no other.
Our admiration for Porsche’s seminal sports car runs deep. We believe that the 911 is significant beyond its status as a mere machine. We believe it’s a cultural icon, a symbol of engineering brilliance and a rolling testament to the visionaries who created it.

To us, the 911 is not just a car. It means something far more than that. We figure you feel the same. It might be why you’re reading this. It might be that you’ve dreamt of owning and driving a unique commission; your perfect car, a truly individual interpretation of Porsche’s marvel – a 911 like no other.

We’re here to take you on that journey – and it starts from a point of deep understanding of the raw materials married to an unwavering dedication to help you bring your dream to life. For us, that’s where the satisfaction comes from. Tailoring perfection uniquely for you. The soul of the 911 will remain, but it will become a car in your image. Something truly individual.

9m11S Driving position and seats – their importance should not be underestimated. We work closely with you to create the perfect cabin environment; luxurious, comfortable and secure.

9m11RS Understated looks, exceptional performance – if you like Sleepers you’ll love the 9m11RS. Perfected coachwork hides a comprehensive package of engine, chassis and braking re-engineering for effortless touring and scintillating pace.

Engineering. It starts with an intimate understanding of not only the function of every part (and we mean every single part) but also its character. We only seek to make the best better, and we only evolve a component when we have analysed its effect on the overall alchemy of the car. 

We then apply this philosophy to your car; the components – original or 9m re-engineered – that will unite to give your car performance greater than the sum of its parts.

9mEngines. An engineering marvel that ranks alongside anything ever created; that’s how we feel about Porsche’s flat-six. Our reverence guides every rebuild and enhancement, so the soul remains but the output is amplified.

Set-up. From the smallest twist of a screw to the heavy-lifting – each 9m11 is treated with total respect and care. For us, it’s a matter of pride that your car is meticulously crafted.