9M Performance & Upgrades
9M Performance & Upgrades

Performance & Upgrades. We’re engineers, so performance means more than speed. We look for improvements in every single aspect – reliability and driveability are as important to us as acceleration and grip. Too many focus on outright speed – that’s not us. Performance is everything.

An example? We’ve seen a lot of 911s catch fire, often related to poorly crimped fuel lines. That’s not good enough, so we invested in our own hydraulic crimp machine and use a higher grade of fuel lines. Will your car accelerate to 60mph any quicker? No. But it won’t catch fire either…

Simply put, if we embark on any performance or upgrade work on your car – we don’t want it back in a year. Performance for us is as much about future proofing as anything. Yes, if you entrust your car with us from a dynamic perspective it will be scintillating – a joy to drive. But it will also be dependable.

9mEngines: We built our first 100hp-per-litre air cooled 911 engine twenty years ago and yet we continue to bring more performance and more reliability to our specialist 9mEngines. The best possible powerplant solution for your Porsche? We think so.

Specialist Parts. Billet cylinder heads, big valve heads, conrods, pistons and cylinders commissioned to our spec – not just great individual items but parts that are optimised to work in harmony.

Engine Department

9m Seats. Everybody raved about the 964RS seats, and rightly so – a beautiful seat. But they’re not right for everyone, perhaps a little tight – and they’re no longer available. We’ve brought it right up to date with better materials, billet brackets – and, crucially, sled tested and homologated to FIA standards for peace of mind.

9m Performance Seats

9m Bespoke Exhausts. A prime example of our engineering philosophy – we look beyond pure horsepower gains. It’s all about designing exhausts that maintain energy in the system – not forcing the engine to make big power at expense of reliability. From the 930 Turbo to modern applications, our exhausts improve breathing efficiency, produce less back pressure and lower temperatures.

Trusted Partner Brands. It takes a while to find brands that we have total confidence in, but we’ve done it so you don’t have to. From Motec engine management systems, to Kline Exhausts, Trac-Tive, KW and Bilstein suspension – we seek quality that is second to none.

Brakes. Brembo or Surface Transforms (who will reface carbon ceramic discs up to four times) – we only recommend braking systems that will suit your usage requirements. In current development are carbon ceramics for the 993 GT2 and 964 RS with 322mm disc.