9m11RS. The 964RS was a rough diamond, and rightly lauded as one of Porsche’s all-time classics for that very reason. A thrilling combination of Cup car vibes and road legal sensibilities, for many it is peak Porsche.

The 9m11RS preserves all the details that made the RS special, but adds a host of contemporary 9m upgrades – from increased chassis stiffness, revised suspension kinematics and enhanced engine performance. These elevate the 9m11RS to even greater heights. The aim, as ever, is to deliver a driving experience that captures the essence of the original, but in a much higher dose.

Understated and refined, the 9m11RS is your automotive Swiss-knife – ideal for anything from cross-country adventures, trips to the theatre, or for blasting away the cobwebs at a circuit.

9m11RS Exterior

What makes the 964 design so special? For us, it’s that it has stood the test of time – something few thought was possible when it went on sale in 1989. Did anyone really think Benjamin Dimson’s radical re-model would age as gracefully as it has?

The best way to celebrate it? Rebuild to perfection, but leave the essential shape alone.

9m11RS Bodywork

We welcome a forensic examination of all our work. In the case of the 9m11RS take a close look at the bodywork and you’ll see equal, parallel panel fit and immaculately fitted side skirts and seals.

We put in hundreds of hours to take a great car and make it better. Perfect even.

9m11RS Paint

A black so deep that you could swim in it. We call it Beluga Black – but there’s more to the depth than the exceptional quality of the pigment. This immaculate finish can only be achieved by using an exacting process on the all-metal panels by true paintwork artisans. 

Too subtle? No problem. What about a 9m11RS in any of the famous RS jelly bean shades?

9m11RS Interior

Go quiet on the outside, go louder on the inside – a motto that works for many. Here you can see a client’s choice of cinnamon/anthracite leather contrast against Beluga Black paint, but of course we will help you discover your perfect combination.

Look closer to discover an integrated stereo with hidden amplifier and hi-fi-grade speakers. You won’t see the soundproofing carried out with consideration to the type of sound that we want to reach you – filtering out the good from the bad – leaving you with an unforgettable soundtrack.

9m11RS lightweight options include the beautiful and strong FIA approved 9mRS carbon seats, plain 9mRS door panels, HiFi delete and full rear carpet trim. The choices are yours.

911mRS by Ninemeister
9m11RS Engine

Much like commissioning a custom musical instrument, we tailor the 9m11RS engine to the owner’s requirements. In the car you see here, the desire was for an effortless, high torque, all-Porsche engine with 100,000-mile potential. The 9m solution was our ‘X52’ special build motor.

Built on the original 964 case, the X51 combines 9m connecting rods with original 993RS pistons and cylinders, 9m modified cylinder heads and RS camshafts. Topping it all is the 9m-improved 993 Varioram intake system with remapped Motronic engine management.

The result? 320hp and over 400Nm of torque – enough to out-pull the later-generation 993RS.


This 9m11RS is engineered to Touring specification – which gives a very usable combination of ride, handling and driving balance attributes.

A 9m-engineered four-channel ABS anti-lock system is included, as are uprights and brakes inspired by the later 993-generation car with bespoke suspension and bushings to complete the package.

Refined yet sharp, controlled and responsive – the 911mRS is an RS evolved and improved.