9m11s. For many the 9m11S is the very definition of cool. Sure it resonates with the Slate Grey 911 that made Steve McQueen look so stylish in Le Mans, but for many it’s also the perfect synthesis of looks and performance.

We’ve carefully studied what makes the 911S such a desirable car and cherry picked components from four generations of air cooled 911s to not only capture that character but also to improve it.

Available for 964 or G-Series 911s, the 9m11S hides a torque-rich 300hp 3.6 motor under perfected coachwork and marries it to a sumptuous Italian leather interior.

9m11S Exterior
Never was the phrase ‘if it looks right, it is right’ more appropriate than with the 9m11S. We like to think it’s a rolling masterpiece, and a prayer at the altar of the shape that has remained beautiful, relevant and unique for over seven decades.

9m11S Bodywork
Lovingly created from original Porsche 911S panels, we re-work and blend the metal to achieve perfect alignment with later Carrera arches. This added muscle is subtle and respectful of the purity of line that makes the S so sublime.

9m11S Paint
No shortcuts. No compromises. We make no apologies for working for 500 hours (at least) to transform bare steel into perfect, glassy and tight bodywork. Your bodywork.
Either do it right or not at all, correct?

9m11S Interior

Crafted not built, the 9m11S cabin is a rich combination of purity, simplicity and sheer luxury. The interior is defined by the exceptional quality of materials and workmanship, and where appropriate there are updates too – such as the DAB sat-nav system. We haven’t eroded the perfect chaos of the switchgear layout – that’s character – but we have transformed the cabin into something you want to step in, and will be reluctant to leave.

Comfort Spec

We engineer comfort as we would engineer an engine. It starts with a holistic look at all the constituent parts: the materials, the sound proofing, the tactile quality of the surfaces and the impact of any sensory intrusions, positive or negative. Then we apply appropriate measures to ensure that the 100,000 or so miles you will spend in your 9m11S are done so in comfort.

From the smallest detail (the custom stitching on the 9m steering wheel), to the hidden (the additional sound proofing under the luxurious carpet) – we have comfort covered. Oh, and did we mention the heated leather 9mS seats?

9m11S Engine

We have been rebuilding and augmenting almost every iteration of Porsche’s famous flat-six engine for nearly four decades, and at every step of the way have catalogued the nuances, details and characteristics that makes them great. 

This vast knowledge is what allows us to confidently curate an engine that matches the unique personality of each of our cars.

In the case of the 9m11S, it’s a twin-plug naturally aspirated 3.6 litre engine with more top-end power than a 3.3 turbo and more torque at idle than a 3.0 SC motor. Strong and soulful – it’s the perfect powerplant for the 9m11S.


What is performance? For us it’s a car’s overall dynamic ability. To limit performance ambitions to, say, just the engine is missing the point.

Underpinned by a thoroughly engineered chassis and braking package, the 9m11S is designed for the precise handling and transparent feedback that is both pure 911 and considerably improved.