9m Engines

9mEngines. The art of engine building lies in the decision making before, during and after the process. Here at Ninemeister we’re confident that our considered, analytical, engineered approach differentiates a 9m engine build from the rest. 

Even an engine strip-down is not a mindless task. The physical process is matched by an intense scrutiny of every single part removed. By gauging the condition, suitability and interconnectivity of each component it means that neither guesswork nor risk is ever a factor in the Ninemeister engine shop.

The upshot is confidence; confidence that we’ve built the best possible engine for you, and confidence that you can look forward to years and tens of thousands of miles of enjoyment. 

And remember, our engine services are available to all Porsche owners, not just for 9m Car builds, so if you want a 9m engine in your 911, just get in touch.

Bespoke. Pictured is the 9m billet cylinder head. Computer modelled and engineered exclusively by Ninemeister to improve on every aspect of the original part. Not easy with Porsche, but we’ve achieved it.

Attention to detail. Whether renewing fuel lines, plating brackets, powder coating tinware, painting the engine fan and intake or ceramic coating the exhaust, we’re driven to deliver perfection.


There is no substitute for knowledge – and at Ninemeister we have invested decades and hundreds of thousands of hours learning what makes Porsche engines tick. We humbly believe that we’re among the top few percent of Porsche experts globally – but maintain our mantra that says the more you know, the more you need to know.

Our specialist knowledge extends beyond the understanding of an engine’s mechanical properties; we pay even more attention to understand the physics. In simple terms, an engine is a highly evolved air pump and the route to increasing performance is to first increase its pumping efficiency, then accurately meter fuel and air mass, optimally combust the resulting mixture to produce the biggest possible ‘bang’, then convert the energy from the expanding gas to torque at the crankshaft. It all sounds so simple…

Twenty years on from our first 100hp-per-litre air cooled 911 engine, Ninemeister remain 100% committed to building you the best possible powerplant solution for your Porsche.