Ninemeister Diagnostics

All modern cars are equipped with computer controls for practically every major electrical function on the car. 

Engine management is the obvious one introduced on the 911 Carrera & 944 in 1983 but since then Porsche have expended the use of electronics to encompass alarm systems, instrument panels, tiptronic gearbox controllers, ABS braking systems, PASM stability control, 4wd, memory seats, satellite navigation, and heater systems - to name but a few (or should that be phew?). Obviously, to properly look after your Porsche the use of the correct diagnostic equipment is essential. 

So if your car thinks it has a problem...

Ninemeister have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available which allows us to fully communicate with all vehicle control systems, diagnose faults, rectify errors, program key heads and reset fault codes and service lights.