Ninemeister Tyres

The most important performance items on your Porsche are the four tyres yet seldom are they considered the first choice for a performance upgrade. If we overlook the safety aspect of driving your 150-200mph supercar on mismatched or old pieces of rubber, do not overlook the advantage of having a matched set of tyres fitted which will make handling more precise & predictable and furthermore will increase the available grip to increase cornering speeds, reduce braking distances and improve traction. The simple rule is not to skimp on tyres as not only will they make your car faster, they might also save your life!


Tough as old boots?

For a road car our advice is to buy tyres to last no more than 3 years because at this point the rubber of the tyre will have degraded and will start to underperform, so usually this means selecting from a softer compound tyre that wears more quickly but offers radically better wet & dry grip. Typically the higher grip soter compound tyres will have a treadwear rating of 140 or less, equating to around 8,000miles on the back of a 911.


Tyre Service

Ninemeister have state of the art tyre changing and balancing equipment and time served tyre technicians in our team who not only specialise in tyre technology & handling, they will also treat your wheels with the utmost respect and care for the complete tyre service. Unfortunately we cannot show prices or availability as this varies on a daily basis, please call Peter to discuss your needs.


Toyo R888

Ninemeister can supply performance road, track & competition tyres to suit most Porsche applications whether running 6x15 wheels on an early 911 or 11x19” wheels on a 997GT3RS. The most popular choice of tyre are denoted in the RAC Motorsport book as “List 1B” which is hence the easiest way to describe road legal competition rubber. From the 1B list our trackday tyre of choice is the popular Toyo R888 which is a great all-rounder that is well suited to most 911chassis, offers excellent dry and wet weather grip and lasts remarkably well. Please refer to our datasheet for the manufactured sizes and contact Peter for current availability & prices.