Ninemeister - Performance - Engines - Air Cooled - Part 1


Engine Performance (except 964 & 993)


911SC, Carrera (1978 to 1989)

Modification of any Porsche engine is never going to be inexpensive which is why the most cost effective upgrade for any 78-89 911 owner is to replace the engine with a more powerful 3.6 engine from a 964 or 993, then consider further upgrades from that point. That said, we fully understand that many customers would prefer to retain and improve their existing engine and we of course would be delighted to assist with that process to ensure you make the right decisions on how to achieve your objectives.


Ninemeister have built their enviable reputation from building ultimate performance 3.8 and 4.0 litre engines which sometimes overshadows our considerable experience of tuning the smaller 3.0 litre and 3.2 litre air cooled 911 engine. Using the same expertise, engineering knowledge and applied technology as the headline acts, Ninemeister have built many intelligent performance solutions based on the SC and Carrera motor which deliver significant performance increases over stock.


But please don’t just take our word for the above, there are competition results which back up our  claims. For instance: in the 2013 Tour Britannia, Ninemeister designed and built 3.0SC engines placed 1st & 2nd overall in the final results and between them won every single stage  of the event (congratulations to drivers Phil Hindley and Adrian Kermode on their excellent performances). Rolling back the clock back to 1990 Ninemeister also built the 3.5 litre 270hp single plug engine which powered Rod Carman to a second successive Speed Championship victory with his famous white 2.7RS race car. When Rod sold that car on, new owner Ray let us loose on further optimising the package, so off came the 3.2 intake to be replaced with a 964 resonance flap plastic intake system. With a full 9m Motec engine management system calling the shots, the new package made a comfortable 305hp & 380Nm on the 9m dyno which is comparable to the best remapped 964RS engines. That’s more than respectable for a low compression single plug 3.5 on stock 993 camshafts, we think?


Please call Colin to discuss your tuning proposals and he might also tell you how he managed to massage 271hp from a standard 3.2 Carrera engine powering his old SC.


930 (911 Turbo) 3.0 & 3.3 (1975-1989)

Not many people realise that the 9m brand evolved from 930 Motorsport, a name derived from 10 years of racing and tuning the 930 engine and cars. We know all about 930 tuning and have developed tried and tested solutions which not only increase performance but also make the 930 a much more pleasant and driveable car to use on the road. The good news is that it is not rocket science either. Take one 911 Turbo, add 9m Racing headers, a K27/11 turbo, SC or 964 cams with ported heads & intake, larger intercooler and a new wastegate set to 1.0 bar and you have a pretty fast 400hp engine that will also have negligible lag in comparison to the stock 300hp engine.


We understand and like the iconic 930 turbo, but we like modified turbos a lot more.


965 (964 turbo) 3.3 & 3.6 (1991-1994)

Of course all that applies to the 930 turbo pretty much applies to both 965 versions as well. Underneath the updated bodywork is practically the same turbo engine but with the added benefits of a K27/11 turbocharger and larger intercooler as standard. By adding 9m Racing headers, a pair of 964 cams and a 1.0 bar wastegate you can comfortably surpass Turbo S performance with the 3.3 and light up close to 450hp with the 3.6 turbo.