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ABS differences

The 964 & 993 are unique in respect that Porsche offered several different ABS systems depending on the model. For instance the Carrera 2 version of both cars was fitted with vacuum operated brake servos whereas the Carrera 4, RS and Turbo models have hydraulic booster cylinders. The 964 models are a 3 channel system (front left, front right and rear pair) whereas the 993 is a fully independent 4 channel system.


The 964RS, Carrera 4 & Turbo have the same ABS control unit whereas the 993 model has different control units for the Carrera 2, Carrera 4 & Turbo and RS. There is also a unique ecu for the 993 Cup and it’s a similar story with the 996 & 997 compared to the GT3 and Turbo variants.


Master cylinder

When using Big Red brakes on the 964 Carrera 2 you may experience brake pedal travel issues on the limit and this is due to the size of the 964 master cylinder. Our solution to that problem is to fit the 993 cylinder in its place, however whilst this is not a bolt-in replacement Ninemeister can do the conversion with their specially made components


ABS system upgrades

Out of all these different ABS systems it should not surprise you that the 4 channel 993 Carrera 4/Turbo/RS package is the best performance option, hence provided all the parts are available the conversion of any Carrera 2 964 or 993 model to 4ch is highly recommended.


Please contact Colin for more information on ABS system upgrades to suit your specific model.