Ninemeister - 9m93 Speedster S


Ultrarare: extremely rare; of utmost rarity

After Helmuth Bott penned the design of the Speedster bodied 911 in 1983, I doubt that he would ever understand why his radical raked screen, hump backed 911 cabrio would take six years to make production. Introduced to a welcoming public on the 1989 model range 911 Carrera, approximately 2100 Speedsters were built on both narrow and wide body platforms. Since the Turbo Look cars comanding over 90% of the build number, clearly the widebodied two seater convertible was the car to have when the sun was shining.

Endangered Species

Roll in 4 years and it becomes a complete mystery how Porsche mystery why they only built a narrow bodied 964 Speedster in spite of such a proportion of sales in favour of the previous Turbo Look version. No wonder only 936 964 Speedsters were sold from the planned 3000 production run. By 1994 Bott’s Speedster concept fell foul of the Porsche bean-counters, the 993 Speedster variant now relegated to the Special Wishes production programme. As a $100k option on top of the price of a stock convertible, only two known examples were produced, both in narrow body form, one for Butzi Porsche and the other for well known Porsche collector Jerry Seinfeld.

Ninemeister’s Special Wishes Programme

The 9m93 Speedster S is the product of Ninemeister’s special wishes programme, combining the simplicity and delicasy of the Speedster design with the road presence of the 993 turbo look bodywork to produce a unique vehicle which is simply beautiful from any angle. A showstopper, a car that seduces you with its stunning wide hips and outrageous curvatious lines that flow from front to rear. This is simply the definitive 911 Speedster.

What's Available

With three cars already comissioned and a fourth underway, the 9m93 Speedster S is built in RHD or LHD form from a donor 993 Convertible re-crafted to exacting Ninemeister standards using all original Porsche Speedster parts. All cars are built to order in the customer’s choice of colour, finish, suspension & transmission. Dynamically we want every 9m93 Speedster S to drive as well as it looks, hence strategic shell reinforcements are incorporated into the fabrication process to make the open top 993 handle like a coupe. Performance is not in question. Weighing in at under 1350kg (3000lb) it out-accelerates the stock 993 with ease, although naturally there are 9m engine performance options available should you feel the need for more.

Donor Car

The perfect starting point is a low mileage, accident free 993 convertible with the mechanical specification of the customers choice, namely tiptronic or manual, 2wd or 4wd and Varioram or non-Varioram/NVR. We can convert a Carrera 4 into a Carrera 2, or indeed a tip into a manual but this would add costs to the build.

From a Targa?

We have been asked several times if it is possible to build a Speedster from a Targa, Coupe or C2S/C4S. The answer to the question is yes. The Targa conversion is certainly the most straightforward, there is a little more work required to remove the roof but otherwise it is not a significant difference to the convertible. In respect of the Coupe the answer is also yes and we have indeed already done this conversion, however there are significant additional costs involved which makes the job significantly more time consuming and hence more expensive. 


Wide Body

Customers also ask about the benefit of using a wide body C2S or C4S Coupe as the donor because it already has the desirable wide turbo-look bodywork. The major problem with this thinking is that there is a considerable value difference between the wide S model and narrow body 993 and a additional cost to buy the S is likely to be more than the price of the turbo components required for the conversion. 

Hence the long & short of it is that we recommend that we start with a straight 993 Convertible or Targa unless you already own 993 Coupe or S that you think deserves a beautiful re-birth. 

Built to Order

All 9m93 Speedsters are built to order, the ideal starting point being a suitable 993 Convertible with the customer’s preferred choice of engine (non-Varioram or Varioram), gearbox (Manual or Tiptronic) and running gear (sports suspension & brakes). 


Once at 9m, the donor vehicle is then stripped down to a bare bodyshell before undergoing the full conversion process which involves removal of the widscreen frame and re-fabrication of the shell to exact Speedster factory standards using all original or 9m made panels as required. Conversion to the S widebody turbo-look involves replacement of the rear quarter panels, sills and kidney bowls; whilst this work is underway the inner sill members are also removed & refitted to fit additional 9m proprietory reinforcements within the sill section, deemed necessary due to the wider track and resulting higher potential cornering loads. 


The re-fabricated shell is acid dipped & E-coated to beyond factory standards for the ultimate corrosion protection. Back at 9m the shell is prepared and etch primed before all the chassis seams are fully sealed before application of a water based spray seal undercoat. Once sealed the shell is primed, flatted and painted to the highest possible standards inside & out. 


Original chassis parts & mechanicals are cleaned before assembly onto the shell, any additional mechanical work (eg engine/gearbox rebuild) having been completed whilst the shell is in fabrication & paint. New or replacement parts can be supplied (at additional cost) as deemed necessary. 


Adaption of the electrical system is necessary as there are several differences between the Convertible and Speedster. Rework of the wiring loom and (if necessary) adaption of the central locking system is included in the conversion cost. Where aftermarket alarm systems have been fitted to the donor car the electrical system will be restored to factory standards. 


The interior will usually be fully re-trimmed during assembly with new custom made OEM carpet set and typically leather or alcantara dash & door trim combination. Customers generally prefer the look and feel of the 993 hardback sports seats which can be sourced should the donor car not have them. Door panels can be standard, RS or 9m pocket style. 

Wheels & Tyres

The wide body conversion will necessitate a wider wheel/tyre combination than available on the standard 993, the most popular choice being the 19” Sport Classic which is a Fuchs look-alike. Genuine forged Fuchs wheels are also available in 18” diameters which give a slightly better ride. 


Upon completion the new 9m93 Speedster S will be dyno tested. Customers are then invited to view the vehicle and be present during final road testing prior to handover.